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We are a diverse and inclusive member association strengthening and creating pathways for volunteerism and civic engagement in Alberta.

Our vision

Engaged, connected and empowered communities building a flourishing Alberta. 

Our mission

To strengthen and create pathways for volunteerism and civic engagement in Alberta. 

How we do good, together: Strategic priorities 2021-2023

We are connectors

We are connectors who convene networks and collaborate across sectors to nourish relationships and advance collective work. We accomplish this by:

  • Strengthening and creating pathways between individuals, organizations and sectors to enhance volunteerism and civic engagement.
  • Reaching out across networks to expand the diversity of perspectives in conversations. 
  • Leading, partnering and supporting collective work to advance volunteerism and civic engagement. 
  • Strengthening engagement with existing and prospective members
We are champions

We are champions who amplify diverse voices to elevate the power of volunteerism and civic engagement in communities across Alberta. We accomplish this by:

  • Authentically engaging diverse voices to foster inclusivity. 
  • Building awareness and shared understanding of the value and impact of volunteerism and civic engagement.
  • Advocating for and enhancing volunteerism and civic engagement.
  • Collaborating with and leveraging existing civic engagement initiatives. 
We are a catalyst

We are a catalyst that strengthens nonprofits and community capacity to engage Albertans. We accomplish this by:

  • Supporting organizational and community readiness to innovate and adapt in a rapidly evolving nonprofit/voluntary sector.
  • Sourcing, building and sharing programs, tools and resources in support of volunteerism and civic engagement. 
  • Increasing awareness of our programs, services and resources among members and stakeholders. 
  • Strengthening our own capabilities in response to changing organizational and sector needs. 

Our values

We commit to uphold and live our values. 

  • Collaboration: We partner for greater impact because we are stronger, together. 
  • Integrity: We model our values and support others to do the same.
  • Learning: We seek opportunities to learn with our network. We take time to reflect and apply what we learn.
  • Responsiveness: We listen and respond to our networks to address emerging needs.
  • Adaptability: We embrace change and adapt to positively shape the future.
  • Asset-based approach: We recognize the strength and value in individuals and communities. We help communities to build on these assets. 

Our history

Our official name is the Association of Volunteer Centres and Volunteer Engaging Organizations of Alberta, but we go by Volunteer Alberta for short. Since 1990, we have been a leader and voice in the nonprofit sector for volunteer centres and organizations that engage volunteers. Our members have always looked to us for expert advice, guidance, programs, services, and resources to enhance their work and community engagement.

Annual reports

2020 Annual Report cover2020 Annual Report

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2019 Annual Report

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2018 Annual Report

Review our 2018 Annual Report.

Financial statements

2020 Financial Statements

Review our 2020 Financial Statements.

2019 Financial Statements

Review our 2019 Financial Statements.

2018 Financial Statements

Review our 2018 Financial Statements.


Our funders support us in being the voice for the value of volunteerism and the nonprofit sector, encouraging participation and collaboration that contributes to the common good in Alberta.

Charitable business number

Volunteer Alberta’s charitable business number is: 877198093RR0001. Our T3010 can be found on the Canadian Revenue Agency website.

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