2022 Volunteer Management Progress Report

There is no doubt about it – volunteerism has been hit hard by the global COVID-19 pandemic, now rolling into it’s second year.

In this year’s report, we investigate the extent of the impact and find that across the board, the capacity of volunteer-driven organizations has been significantly affected. Available volunteer opportunities, numbers of volunteers engaged, and total volunteer hours per month have all declined significantly over pre pandemic levels.

But volunteer mangers have not given up. The resilience of these professionals in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds is a thing to be admired.

Our data shows that volunteer managers around the world continue to adapt to their new content, seeking new ways to keep the community engaged in service. Many are also steadily adopting new technology tools to solve their biggest problems.

If there is a silver lining to COVID, it is this – long-held limiting beliefs are being challenged and new ways of doing are now being embraced for the better. For those who are taking the leap forward, their missions will no doubt benefit.