For volunteer managers: an easier way to screen and manage your volunteers

Volunteer screening is not only about screening people out as a form of risk mitigation; it is also about screening people in, finding the right fit for any volunteer role. Volunteer screening is a crucial part of recruiting volunteers for any nonprofit organization. However, the screening process can be complex and time-consuming.

A collaboration between Volunteer Lethbridge and the City of Lethbridge makes volunteer screening easier!

Volunteer Alberta is thrilled to share that our partner, Volunteer Lethbridge, has created an innovative new Volunteer Screening and Information Management system that will benefit nonprofit organizations and community volunteers. It is a centralized database that will provide fast and easy access to pre-screened volunteers matched to nonprofit organizations by skill and areas of interest. 

Benefits of using the Volunteer Screening and Information Management system

  • Pre-screens volunteers on behalf of member agencies of Volunteer Lethbridge, so no additional costs for criminal reference checks and document management.
  • Creates one volunteer database that supports all of Volunteer Lethbridge’s member agencies. 
  • Ensures volunteer screening best practices are in place for each volunteer, based on the volunteer experience they choose.  
  • Offers applicants choice and customization of their volunteer experience.  
  • Streamlines the screening process required for volunteers to enhance their experience and avoid duplication.  
  • Creates demand for volunteers 
  • Reduces the time between the volunteer application and the volunteer job placement.
  • Saves time in ‘document chasing,’ so other volunteer management aspects, like volunteer retention, recognition and training, can be addressed.
  • Has support from Volunteer Lethbridge with Volunteer Management 

Volunteer Alberta is excited to support this innovation and looks forward to seeing how it positively impacts the community and the nonprofit/voluntary sector!

If you are interested in learning more, please visit Volunteer Lethbridge’s website and connect with them