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Imagine how resilient and effective we could be if every nonprofit in Alberta was connected to a strong network of their peers.

We imagine it every day.

Our Members share a vision for a strong, engaged, and connected society serving the common good in Alberta. 

Being a Member organization is a powerful and affordable investment. When nonprofit organizations become Members, the nonprofit professionals (paid or unpaid staff – including Board members) working in that organization can access Member features and benefits.

Connecting to a network of nonprofit organizations can help strengthen the nonprofit sector and communities across Alberta. Volunteer Alberta is a network steward; we work to strengthen the nonprofit sector by delivering useful programs and services to nonprofit professionals, organizations. We amplify the voice of our member organizations and advocate in many ways (including awareness, education, program development, and public policy advocacy) on important issues. that impact Alberta nonprofit organizations. 

We are better together.

As a network steward, Volunteer Alberta helps to create pathways to shared resources, professional development, and learning opportunities that enable our members to be more resilient and effective.

Our Members are network stewards too:

  • Together, we elevate the important issues, successes, and challenges of the sector
  • Together, we improve our ability to serve our communities and achieve positive impact
  • Together, we communicate the value of the nonprofit sector and promote volunteerism


Join the Membership level that works for your organizations and commit to
strengthening your organization and advancing the nonprofit sector.


Features & Benefits

Download the PDF now! 


per year

Are you looking increase your organizations’ ability to achieve your mission and increase positive impact for your clients and community? Do you need affordable professional development for your staff? 

This membership package is for you!


per year

Are you well-connected and leading a network? Is your organization an influencer in your community, networks, or industry?

Your organization is a Connected Leader and this membership package is for you!


per year

Do you focus on building capacity of organizations and play a vital role within your network and the sector? Is your organization a recognized leader and influencer? 

Your organization may be a Network Leader! Please contact Volunteer Alberta to explore your qualifications for this membership package.


Learn. Apply.

Members are nonprofit organizations (society, charity, association, foundation, facility or agency) that are interested in strengthening their organization. Individuals, businesses, corporations, or partners who are engaged in or affiliated with the nonprofit sector in Alberta may also choose to become members.

Membership is designed to provide all staff in an organization, (whether employees or volunteers), affordable professional development and access to a variety of benefits and resources. On-demand learning modules and resources can be found in the exclusive Member Area and the programs we provide offer an opportunity to apply what has been learned in practical ways.

Through regular newsletters and surveys, we provide Members with access to special partner offerings, curated resources, sector information and trends, and opportunities for members to share important perspectives on a variety of topics.


Learn. Apply. Share.

Connected Leaders create strategic connections between networks, people, ideas, and opportunities. They are often capacity builders and expert resources on a multitude of topics related to the nonprofit sector. They also tend to widely promote volunteerism and provide leadership on important issues.

We help to strengthen the networks of Connected Leaders by inviting them to share information and exchange knowledge with our widespread network, and join advisory groups to increase the voice of their network. Together we are network stewards, engaging and amplifying our networks.

Connected Leaders have access to the same benefits as Members, including the additional benefit of sharing certain resources that help strengthen both their organization and networks. They can invite network colleagues to participate in Volunteer Alberta webinars and workshops that they register for, and are eligible to apply for National Volunteer Week Grant funding.


Learn. Apply. Share. Lead.

Network Leaders enhance the capacity of local organizations and strengthen the local nonprofit sector. They build networks of local or affiliated organizations and provide leadership on issues and professional practices.

We work collaboratively with Network Leaders as nonprofit stewards, supporting them in their work and helping to amplify their networks. Network Leaders support the health and resiliency of the sector and are well-informed advocates and experts.

Network Leaders access the same benefits as Members and Connected Leaders and can also share resources and Volunteer Alberta newsletters with their networks. They can increase their capacity building activities by sharing learning opportunities across the Volunteer Alberta member network, hosting Volunteer Alberta webinars and workshops. They may choose to deliver our workshops by their in-house experts or bring in a Volunteer Alberta facilitator. They are invited to participate in stewardship and advisory groups that address sector issues and public policy work.

Volunteer Alberta elevates the nonprofit sector in Alberta by working with our Members and by collaborating with Network Leaders, like the Alberta Volunteer Centre Network, and other nonprofit capacity building organizations. Learn more about the partners and collaborators we work with.

Volunteer Alberta annual Membership is between January 1-December 31, while you may purchase at any time, member fees are not pro-rated.


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