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We are better together. Being connected to Alberta’s nonprofit sector network and accessing our services will help to strengthen your ability to make greater impact in your community.

2015-125-VA---Icons---individual-MemberWe share a vision for a strong, engaged, and connected society serving the common good in Alberta with our members. Together we work toward making collective impact and successfully addressing the needs of our communities.

We reflect the collective voice of our members and nonprofit organizations across Alberta.

With your help, we work to elevate the important issues, successes, and challenges of the sector, establishing a united voice focused on enhancing the impact of the nonprofit sector and volunteerism.

Together, we communicate the value of volunteerism and promote the impacts of the nonprofit sector in Alberta. Volunteerism is a powerful currency of the nonprofit economy and through our work as nonprofits, we actively support the infrastructure for volunteerism to exist. Our work strengthens communities’ ability to engage citizens.

We foster relationships between the nonprofit sector, government, businesses, education, and communities to increase cross-sector collaborations and network connections in Alberta.

As a capacity building organization, we are a diverse and inclusive nonprofit membership association, with a provincial reach and representing nonprofits across subsectors.

Helping you make an impact in your community is what we do.


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Imagine if every nonprofit in Alberta was connected to a strong network of their peers how resilient and effective we could be. We imagine it every day.

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Network Representation

Network stewardship means representing our members and elevating the important issues, successes, and challenges of the sector to the tables we sit at.

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Partners & Collaborators

Network stewardship means collaborating and partnering with organizations who support the nonprofit sector and serve the common good.

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Member Stories

The stories of our Member organizations inspire best practices across the sector, showcase innovative projects and programs, and celebrate successes.

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