Serving our members is the core of what we do.

Together we work to communicate the value of volunteerism and promote the impacts of the nonprofit sector in Alberta. Volunteerism is a powerful currency of the nonprofit economy and through our work as nonprofits, we actively support the infrastructure for volunteerism to exist. Our work strengthens community ability to engage citizens.


Our members share a vision for a strong, engaged, and connected society

serving the common good in Alberta


We reflect the collective voice of our membership and nonprofit organizations across Alberta. With your help, we work to elevate the important issues, successes and challenges of the sector, establishing a united voice focused on enhancing the impact of the nonprofit sector and volunteerism.

We foster relationships between the nonprofit sector, government, businesses, education and communities to increase cross-sector collaborations and network connections in Alberta.

 We listen to our members and share information.

We maintain connections in Alberta and across Canada.


As a capacity building organization, we are a diverse and inclusive nonprofit membership association, with a provincial reach and representing nonprofits across subsectors.