You want to make an impact in your community through the work you do. We can help you do it.

We work to enable our members and nonprofit organizations by connecting them to our networks, programs and services.

“Membership with Volunteer Alberta keeps me connected to Alberta’s non-profit community; abreast of policies, trends, and best practices impacting my work; and gives me a voice to advocate for our sector.   As a professional, and representative of a large non-profit organization, the value of my VA membership is priceless!”
Ellen Bremner, Manager, Agency Volunteer Resources, Catholic Social Services

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Have Your Voice Heard

Serving our members is the core of what we do! Our members share our vision of a strong, engaged and connected society serving the common good in Alberta. Volunteer Alberta leverages the strength of our membership by creating leading programs, service and resources to:

  • improve recruitment and retention of staff and volunteers in the 21st century
  • understand the increasing influence of public policy in achieving organizational missions
  • provide learning opportunities to the nonprofit sector.

When you become a member of Volunteer Alberta, you gain ownership of your sector.

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Cover Your Best Assets

The nonprofit/voluntary sector is incredibly diverse but has an undeserved reputation of being poorly run with insufficient risk management practises. Volunteer Alberta works hard with you to reverse these perceptions and to get ready for policy and legislation coming down the pipe. We focus on areas concerning our members’ operations and governance, such as screening, privacy protection, directors’ and officers’ liability, and employee benefits. You can then make informed decisions about the impact in your communities.

Know What You Don’t Know

Keeping up with knowledge development in today’s culture of information overload can be difficult. Every day, many organizations are hard at work producing research and information about the nonprofit/voluntary sector. As a powerful and energized knowledge bank, Volunteer Alberta translates that information into tangible programs, services and resources. Access our expertise in volunteer leadership, risk management, media relations, leadership access, financial management, and much more.

Learn more about Volunteer Alberta’s member benefits.

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