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Volunteering is an opportunity to connect with your community to create a positive impact. 

We believe volunteerism is crucial for creating healthy, vibrant, and connected Alberta communities. Through volunteering, you can create a positive impact and help shape the future for your community.

11 reasons to volunteer:

  • Generosity: It’s an opportunity to give back, pay it forward, or help others, which in turn can be fulfilling for you.
  • Passion: It’s a way to make a difference about something you care about.
  • Resourcefulness: It’s an opportunity to accomplish things in your community that otherwise wouldn’t get done.
  • Connection: It’s a great way to meet new people and become part of a community.
  • Belonging: It can help to improve your language skills and get acquainted with a new culture.
  • Health: Volunteering has been shown to improve overall health and wellbeing.
  • Ambition: It builds your résumé and offers great work experience.
  • Learning: It can offer new knowledge and skills.
  • Adventure: It’s a chance to try something new or different.
  • Enjoyment: It can be a lot of fun!
  • Reciprocity: It can include great perks like food, tickets, parties, and swag.

Volunteer roles are wide-ranging and diverse. No matter where your interests, skills, and passion lie, you can get involved and make a difference. 

Find a volunteer opportunity

Interested in volunteering? The best way to find a great volunteer role is to reach out to organizations you admire. A quick internet search is a great way to find out which organizations focus on the issues that move you most. Volunteer Alberta’s primary goal is to ensure that Alberta has the capacity to support volunteerism in their communities. Your contribution of time and talent assists in reaching this goal! Other ways to find volunteer opportunities:

Volunteer Centres

Whether you are new to volunteering and need more information and support, or if you are just curious what is available in your community, your local Volunteer Centre is a great resource for finding volunteer opportunities. Connect with your Volunteer Centre.

Online Volunteer Boards 

GoVolunteer is an online portal where Albertans can easily search volunteer opportunities best suited to their skills and interests in communities across Alberta.

Volunteer Alberta supports govolunteer access in Alberta in partnership with Volunteer Centres – Organizations interested in using govolunteer to recruit new volunteers can contact their local Volunteer Centre.




At, find volunteer opportunities that fit your interests and schedule, track your contributions, and earn donations for the causes you care about. Organizations can post casual help requests or formal volunteer opportunities.



Volunteer Connector

Propellus has launched Volunteer Connector, a new volunteer posting website. Volunteer Connector postings include information to help potential volunteers find the perfect fit! People can search for opportunities using filters to get better involved. 


Nonprofit Job Boards

Some job boards also advertise volunteer positions. Find these links on our Nonprofit Careers page.

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