Changing the Conversation: Research, Surprising Findings, and the Volunteer Screening Program

Join us for a webinar exploring current changes in the volunteer screening and engagement landscape, Volunteer Alberta’s research findings, and how our research will inform the Volunteer Screening Program moving forward.

The Volunteer Screening Program (VSP) helps build a thriving, resilient civil society by supporting Alberta’s nonprofit organizations to address volunteer screening, volunteer engagement, and community safety concerns. However, since the educational programming of VSP began six years ago, the landscape of volunteer screening and engagement has shifted. There is now more of a focus on episodic volunteering, virtual volunteering has become increasingly important since the pandemic’s beginning, and there is an increased need to change the conversation to include equity and inclusion.

During 2022, VSP conducted various evaluations and research activities to deepen our understanding of Alberta’s volunteer screening and engagement practices. This included identifying shared understanding, gaps in knowledge, and drawing connections between the lived experiences of the volunteers and the organizations that engage them. From these evaluative conversations, we have identified evolving good practices and issues to consider further.