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Vibrant communities start with you!

Telling the story of a single volunteer is very impactful all on it’s own. Can you imagine the task of telling the story of the thousands of volunteers making positive impact across the province? It’s certainly a complex thing to articulate all the meaning and moments.

Our focus at Volunteer Alberta is on helping to create vibrant community by sharing the story of the transformative power of volunteerism and the value of the nonprofit sector in Alberta. To celebrate National Volunteer Week we launched a short video, Vibrant Communities and You.

Vibrant communities require people in business, government, community, and nonprofit organizations working together, and at the heart of any community are people volunteering. You can transform your life, the lives of others, and your entire community by volunteering.

Our future depends on all of us working together and inspiring others to do the same, so communities will continue to prosper!

2015-125-VA---Icons---individual-AdvocacyPlease share the video on social media with your community, pass it along, or even play it at your events. You can find the video to share or embed on YouTube and Vimeo, and you can download the video from Dropbox (please note: Dropbox previews do not play in full quality).

Volunteer Alberta supports community-service learning, when students gain experience and develop their skills by contributing to nonprofits. We are proud to have worked with the students and faculty at Pixel Blue College to create the animation in this video and grateful for their hard work.


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