Sian Anderson

Sian has been a director since 2016 and is the Treasurer of the Volunteer Alberta Board. She brings experience in working with volunteers, and a strong understanding of the voluntary sector, outcome measurements and preventative social services. Sian has a passion for collaborative projects.

Sian grew up on the coast of England and moved to Okotoks, Alberta in 2007. Although she was not impressed with this move initially, she has come to love the community and Canada as a whole. Sian and her partner have chosen to remain in Okotoks to raise their growing family and spend a lot of time exploring the surrounding mountains.

Sian currently works as the Community Wellness Specialist for the Town of Okotoks and is a student at Queens University. She loves the grassroots work of Alberta’s community nonprofits – the energy, commitment, and passion for their causes inspire her and she is amazed by their capacity to meet community needs.