Micheal McOuat

Micheal is a lover of museums and art galleries, if he could this is where he would spend most of his days. He holds the mountains very close to his heart and enjoys a good hike! However, you can usually find Micheal being a homebody snuggling with his cats, playing a video game, or attempting to turn his house into a tropical jungle. When in the office Micheal is known for being very easily frightened, it is very easy to accidentally sneak up behind him and give him a little scare! Micheal is very proud to be Métis and part of the 2SLGTBQ+ family.

Micheal has spent a lot of time working in the Homelessness Support Sector, so agencies like Boyle Street, Alpha House, John Howard Society, and Safe Haven are very important to him. Micheal also has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Calgary.