Ken Kirk

Ken Kirk joined VA’s Board of Directors in June 2022. He is a passionate, results-oriented business development executive and consultant with a long history of building trust and nurturing relationships. Over 30+ years, he has developed deep knowledge of the various businesses he consulted with through strategic planning, business development, relationship building, business analysis and needs assessments, market share strategy and execution, technology implementations, organizational transformations and performance optimization. He cross-pollinates between and among industries, informed by his experience in the for profit and nonprofit sectors. Ken’s life-long interest in volunteering has led to roles of coaching, training, co-Chair of Fighting Blindness and CEO of a Habitat for Humanity affiliate. He believes volunteering is an essential base of a healthy community and needs to attract and retain the energy and ingenuity of our youth. Ken’s extended family, including four grandchildren, has deepened his passion for the importance of a healthy community for children to be safe and nurtured.