Eunice Doroni

Around the office, Eunice is known for her love of tea, having the best snacks in her snack drawer, and doodling on her office stationery. Since moving to Alberta in 2011, the Edmonton Immigrant Services Association (EISA) has been the nearest and dearest to her heart for all the great work they do in the community, and many learning opportunities they’ve given her over the past 7 years.

Outside of work and volunteering, Eunice enjoys falling down YouTube rabbit holes, playing ’70s hits on her ukulele, and hanging out with her partner by the Edmonton River Valley. She is proud of catching a 100 IV Mewtwo on Pokemon Go!

Eunice has gone back to school to receive her second BA in Political Science, graduate with distinction and receive a Certificate in Community Service-Learning and International Learning. After falling in love with the nonprofit sector through Community Service-Learning at the University of Alberta, Eunice continues to spend a majority of her time volunteering. She is an active volunteer with Apathy is Boring, Edmonton Immigrant Services Association, Compass Centre and interVivos.