Dave Maffitt

Dave joined Volunteer Alberta’s Board of Directors in June 2021 and brings his experience as a lifelong volunteer, sports background and a rural perspective. He also volunteers with many organizations, including Volunteer Airdrie Society as Chair, Karate Alberta Association, Alberta JKA Karate Association and Airdrie Sport Council. Dave admires Volunteer Lethbridge for their great leadership and programs, and values Drive Happiness as a great partner for seniors assisted transportation. Since selling his company in January 2022, Dave has been employed as Managing Director of Validere Commercial Services in Calgary. He has a BSc in Chemical Engineering, his P.Eng., and MBA in Marketing & Distribution Systems from the University of Calgary. At home in Southern Alberta, he may be found at one of his favourite places – the Good Earth Café in Airdrie. Dave is married with a son and daughter. He also has a 2nd degree black belt in karate and loves to teach kids.