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Complex challenges require collaboration, networked leadership, and innovative solutions. It’s not about the end goal, but creating deep and meaningful change in our communities.


Social innovation is the exploration of new ways of doing or the adaptation of current approaches to solve problems faced by Alberta nonprofits.

Social innovation supports healthy communities through tools and resources that allow networks and nonprofits to be the authors of shared solutions. Everyone has a role to play in creating social change and, together, we can create thriving and vibrant communities.

Volunteer Alberta is committed to building capacity in the nonprofit sector. We pay attention to what is emerging in the sector and, through collaborative connections and workforce development, we support nonprofits in addressing complex challenges, connecting with other players in the social innovation field. Volunteer Alberta provides unique learning and mentorship opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

In this video, learn more about social innovation and how Volunteer Alberta supports this work across the sector.

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Getting Started

Social Innovation Definitions

Reports & Further Reading

2016 Innovation Ecosystem Map Alberta

Social Innovation Resource Sheet

ABSI Connect Report

Infograph – Volunteer Screening

Tools & Resources

Adaptive Cycle

Iceberg Worksheet

External Resources

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VA Opportunities

SDX Labs



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