Seeking PhotoVoice Submissions! MicroVolunteering Opportunity!

Volunteer Alberta is seeking PhotoVoice submissions to amplify and celebrate all the wonderful ways you are involved in your community!

Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2023

To submit photos and descriptions, click the following link:

We’re looking for photos that represent your experiences or stories of volunteering or helping community. The photos will be showcased by Volunteer Alberta on our website, social media pages, blogs, newsletters, and community presentations intended to amplify BIPOC stories and experiences of volunteerism, civic engagement, or helping community.

  • Do you identify as a racialized community member, or BIPOC (Including, but not limited to: Arab, Black [e.g., African heritage, Caribbean heritage, etc.], Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indian, Indigenous [e.g., First Nations, Metis, Inuk {Inuit}], Pakistani, South Asian [e.g., Sri Lankan, Nepalese, etc.], Southeast Asian [Cambodian, Laotian, Thai, etc.], Latin American, West Asian [e.g., Iranian, Afghan, etc.]). Or, are you new to Canada?
  • Do you volunteer or help your community formally, or informally? Like, helping family members, friends, congregation members, neighbours, the environment, or even furry friends! Or, are you civically engaged in other ways like political or social activism?

This is a Micro volunteering opportunity for individuals who self-identify in the above categories.

Volunteer Alberta wants to share and celebrate images and stories of how you help your community! If you’re interested in submitting 1-2 photos for this project, you must sign a consent form for Volunteer Alberta to share the photo(s), and a description of the photo(s). You may also request that your personal information remain confidential and may request that your identity, or identity of those present in the photo remain anonymous. 

As submissions come in, Volunteer Alberta will randomly select 3-5 individuals to be interviewed about your photo submission. You can indicate on the submission form whether you are or are not interested in being contacted for an interview. The interview will be a brief, 30-minute conversation about what the photo means to you and how it represents your experiences or stories of contributing to your community through the gift of your time. 

Photo Criteria:

  • Participants must identify as racialized or BIPOC and live and/or volunteer/help an individual or community in Alberta;
  • Please do not submit photos of minors unless they are your direct kin and you have gathered their consent or consent from their parent/guardian to be photographed and share their image;
  • Anyone in the photo must have provided their consent to be photographed and share their image;
  • The photo must be your own; you may not copy or use photos taken by someone else, unless they have provided consent for you to do so;
  • Please try to provide a High-Quality photo (not blurry, pixelated, or too small);
  • Must sign a consent and release form (please be aware that you may withdraw your consent and request your image(s) be removed from any of our publications at any time).

Please note, in order to submit your photo(s) online via the Google Form, a Gmail account is required. If you do not have a Gmail account, you may send your submission via email. Please reach out to for more information, and for help completing the submission.

Honorariums will be provided to those who participate in a follow-up interview for this project.

Questions? Contact: Cheryl Williams: