SCiP 2.0

Bridging the passion of students to a purpose in community-building and strengthening.

SCiP 2.0 is the evolution of Volunteer Alberta’s renowned Serving Communities Internship Program. The original program accepted over 1000 interns across the province each year and distributed $1,000 bursaries to each intern. After SCiP’s hiatus, we are now proud to announce our latest initiative, packed with a reimagined way of offering meaningful internships.

What’s new?

To help us test out what might work and help us identify exciting innovations, we’re partnering with select organizations and institutions across the province to explore variations of internships. We are thrilled to announce our pilot sites with Big Brothers Big Sisters Edmonton and EverActive Schools. While these two pilot sites will still engage post-secondary students, the future of SCiP may look like other cohorts of interns including seniors and non-students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my post-secondary institution eligible?

Your post-secondary institution would be eligible for you to participate in SCiP 2.0 if it is listed on this page:

What is eligible proof of enrollment documents can I submit?
  • Unofficial transcript proving you are in at least one course
  • Letter from registrar confirming registration
  • Verification of enrollment document
  • Any other document that shows proof you are enrolled in at least one course at a publicly funded post-secondary institution
What is the time commitment?
  • It will vary for the different internships.
  • For our current partnerships with Boys and Girls Club Edmonton and Ever Active Schools, click here to be redirected to the dedicated SCiP 2.0 site with more information.
    • A total of 40 hours throughout the duration of the internship
How many interns can participate?

For our current partnerships with Boys and Girls Club Edmonton and Ever Active Schools, click here to see if there are any internship opportunities open.

SCiP 2.0 is made possible by the Community Services Recovery Fund

The Community Services Recovery Fund (CSRF), a $400 million commitment from the Government of Canada, is dedicated to bolstering community service organizations, including charities, non-profits, and Indigenous governing bodies, as they adapt and modernize.