Flowing Fridays (Un)Learning Brief – March 2023

Volunteer Alberta works to nourish the conditions for civic engagement and volunteerism in Alberta. One of those conditions – we believe – is that people have the necessary energy and time to engage in their communities meaningfully. In the summer of 2022, we started to wonder how we might begin to challenge the current paradigm about work, starting within our organization, to create more time, space, and energy for our team. We were curious about how we might resist and reset some of the unhealthy conditions that exist in the social profit/non-profit sector around workaholism, unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, and exclusion. We became curious about what would happen if our staff team had more time available for them to use as they liked. To do so, we are experimenting with four-day work week and no-meeting days. In the spirit of “(un)learning out loud,” we’ve created this brief to share a bit about our experiment and what we’ve discovered so far.