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Completing surveys on issues that matter to you is one way to bring your voice – ideas, concerns, experience, and perspective – to the table.

2015-125-VA---Icons---individual-SurveyYour experience and knowledge matters. Sharing your voice and perspective through surveys can inform decision-making and influence desirable change for your organization and for the nonprofit sector as a whole.

With your participation, surveys are able to produce reliable and essential data informed by and representing Alberta nonprofit organizations.

We conduct our own surveys and provide opportunities to complete surveys from our partners, collaborators, the government, and other relevant organizations.


Volunteer Alberta Surveys

Our surveys are an opportunity for you and your organization to offer your insights, share your challenges, indicate your priorities, and keep us informed as we strive to advocate for Alberta’s nonprofit sector.

With your responses, we are able to focus our efforts and ensure our work is informed by you so we can better serve you.

External Surveys

Alberta nonprofits have many opportunities to share their voice, insights, challenges, and priorities through surveys.

We will continue to share access to sector-related surveys that are both provincially and nationally focused.

Have a recommendation for a survey we should add to the list? Let us know!

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