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Volunteering during Covid-19: Stay safe & stay at home

We believe volunteerism is crucial for creating healthy, vibrant, and connected Albertans. Through volunteering, you can create a positive impact and help shape the future of your community.

Although our first instinct in times of uncertainty is to help, the best thing you can do to flatten the curve is stay at home. We encourage people to look for virtual or micro-volunteering opportunities. If you want to provide support to the larger community, we encourage you to start with the vulnerable people in your life – family, friends, and neighbours.

Remote volunteering allows you to volunteer from the comfort of your own home. While charities and nonprofits assess and identify their greatest needs from volunteers, there are easy and effective options for you to consider without needing to leave the house.

  • Have phone/video conversations with seniors, many of whom struggle with social isolation every day.
  • Connect with your family and loved ones often. Even short phone calls every few days can have a hugely calming effect on you and those around you.
  • Volunteer Connector keeps an ongoing inventory of volunteer opportunities, including remote volunteering.

Microvolunteering is defined by key aspects, including a short commitment, centered around a specific project and primarily done on one’s own time.

  • Signing a petition for cause you’re passionate about.
  • Sewing masks for food bank drivers.
  • Editing and formatting documents.
  • Quilting for those in need.
  • Helping with snow removal or lawn cutting for neighbours and vulnerable citizens.

Click here to learn more and find your microvolunteerism opportunity.

Volunteer roles are wide-ranging and diverse. No matter where your interests, skills, and passion lie, you can get involved and make a difference. 

Volunteer Connector is a provincial volunteer matching site for Alberta. Volunteer Connector postings include information to help you find the perfect fit – like time commitment, age requirements, and information about training. You can search for opportunities using filters related to the most common motivations—and barriers—for getting involved:

  • How can you help?
  • What do you care about?
  • Why do you want to volunteer?
  • How much time can you give?
  • Who are you?

Click here to be directed to Volunteer Connector!

If there is no volunteer opportunity in your community available through volunteer connector, please contact your local Volunteer Centre.

Posting on Volunteer Connector

Post a volunteer opportunity for your organization or Volunteer Centre here!

Canada Student Service Grant

At Volunteer Alberta, we believe in connecting youth with the Alberta nonprofit sector. Youth bring invaluable new ideas and approaches to enhancing our communities across the province. 

As part of Canada’s response to COVID-19, the Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG) is an opportunity for post-secondary students or recent graduates to give back to their community between June 25th and October 31st, 2020.

Traditionally, volunteerism does not involve financial compensation. However, we encourage both students and nonprofits to browse the website to determine whether the program suits their needs and interests. Alternatively, you can find other volunteer opportunities throughout Alberta on VolunteerConnector

The CSSG is responsible for providing support and matching students with nonprofits. You can find more information by reviewing their frequently asked questions (FAQ) and by browsing their website:

FAQs for students
FAQs for nonprofits

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