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Engage post-secondary students in your nonprofit organization. Gain valuable capacity, materials, talent, and insight, all while showing our future leaders the potential of the nonprofit sector.

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The Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP) brings Alberta’s nonprofit organizations and post-secondary students together to make a difference in their communities.

SCiP internships are meaningful, skill-based opportunities that are mutually beneficial to both nonprofit organizations and post-secondary students.

Mutual Benefit:

  • Nonprofit organizations gain added talent and human capacity so that they can better achieve their missions.
  • Post-secondary students gain skills, experience, and networks, along with a $1000 award, so that they can better achieve their missions.

Learn more about engaging highly skilled volunteers on our Highly Skilled Volunteerism page.

So how does SCiP work?

  1. Alberta nonprofit organizations register, create, and post meaningful, part-time internships.
  2. Students register, then search and apply for internships that match their skills, interests, and aspirations.
  3. Students then work together with the nonprofit organization to meet the goals of the internship. Along the way the organization gains added capacity, talent, and insight, and the students gains mentorship, skills, experience, and networks.
  4. At the end of the internship, students apply for and receive a $1000 award from the Government of Alberta (at no cost to the organization).



Ready to get started?

Visit www.joinscip.ca to for more information and to register.


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