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We believe that staff and volunteers are vital to nonprofits’ success and deserve the same management and support.


Recruitment, retention, recognition, and risk management are relevant for all people working at your nonprofit, whether paid or unpaid. From creating job or volunteer listings that draw the perfect candidate, to providing employee benefits and ensuring effective policies are in place, nonprofit HR is an ongoing process.

Nonprofit organizations have many resources on human resources available to them. We collect relevant tools and resources to grow and support Alberta nonprofits.

Job and Volunteer Boards

SQUARE - JobsNonprofit Careers

Check out nonprofit career opportunities or advertise a position at your organization.

SQUARE - VolunteerVolunteer Opportunities

Find a new volunteer opportunity or share volunteer positions available at your organization.

Nonprofit Salaries

Hiring but uncertain what the average salary is for a position? There are sector salary survey reports available.

Boland Survey of Canadian Nonprofit Salaries and HR Practices

The Boland Survey reports on: annual salaries and equivalent hourly rates, turnover, paid time off, hours of work, recognition programs, benefits, and contractor rates.

Charity Village LogoCharity Village Salary and Benefits Study 2013

The Salary and Benefits Study offers a complete survey of the Canadian nonprofit compensation landscape.


More Resources

GuidesHuman Resources Guides

Check out our guides and handbooks on Human Resources and other topics.


HRCHR Council

Find HR management resources, best practices, and an HR Check up to help you see how your organization performs in a number of functional HR areas.


Charity Village LogoCharity Village – Human Resources

Charity Village offers a number of HR resources from career management to HR planning to workplace issue.


Abundant Not-for-ProfitThe Abundant Not-for-Profit

From Vantage Point, the Abundant Not-for-Profit shares a vision for integrated Human Resources, including both staff and volunteers.


SQUARE - Screening10 Steps to Screening

Use the 10 Steps to Screening when hiring volunteers or staff to ensure a safe and successful fit.



Resources – Paid Staff

Alberta - squareAlberta Employment Standards

Make sure your HR practices meet the Alberta Employment Standards. Check out the latest information and fact sheets on the Government of Alberta website.


Oassis - squareOASSIS Employee Benefits

OASSIS is a nonprofit employee benefits provider. Offer employee benefits to support employee recruitment, retention, and well-being.


Resources – Volunteers

SQUARE - BoardBoard Engagement

Check out information, resources, and learning opportunities for boards and board members.

SQUARE - high skillHighly Skilled Volunteer

Learn more about engaging highly skilled volunteers and bring special skill sets, knowledge, or talents to your organization.

VMG EdmontonVolunteer Management Group Edmonton

Connect with VMG Edmonton for resources, support, and a community of practice for Volunteer Managers.


Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada LogoVolunteer Management Professional of Canada

Find national resources, professional development opportunity, and support for Volunteer Managers.


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