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National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to celebrate the vibrancy and impact of volunteerism in your community and across our country.


National Volunteer Week Funding program update for applicants

Within the last few weeks, Volunteer Alberta and the Government of Alberta reviewed if NVW Enhancement Funding would be feasible and how it could support our communities, given the current pandemic.

We are moving forward with reviewing applications and distributing funding to offer support and flexibility to Alberta’s communities in these trying times.  

What can the funding be used for?   

NVW Funding can be used for activities that are both feasible and practical to celebrate, recognize and incent volunteerism in Alberta while recognizing the current public health restrictions such as: 

  • Celebration alternatives (e.g., rescheduled events or online recognition/connection). 
  • Lost revenue for cancelled events. 
  • Promotional/communications efforts to recognize volunteers in this critical time.  

What else has changed?  

  • We removed the Regional Feature Site status and reallocated the funds to go to more organizations. There are two levels of enhancement funding: Host Site ($500) and Feature Site ($1,000). 
  • The Final Report won’t be due until October 30th giving communities more flexibility to celebrate and recognize their volunteers. 

What are the next steps? 

Once Volunteer Alberta and the Government of Alberta have reviewed the applications within the next week, here is what will happen next: 

  1. Pre-approved applicants will receive an email to fill out a confirmation form detailing how you will use the funds to recognize, celebrate and incent volunteerism in your community. 
  2. Once we receive the completed form, we will mail your cheque and approval letter.
  3. Right now, we strongly encourage applicants to think about how you can use the funds in your community, given the new guidelines.

National Volunteer Week is April 19-25, 2020!

National Volunteer Week is when we can all take time to recognize volunteers and celebrate the power of volunteerism in our community.

Every April, Volunteer Canada leads us in celebrating National Volunteer Week (NVW). It is the perfect time to say thank-you to volunteers and celebrate the positive impact of volunteerism.

National Volunteer Week Enhancement Funding

The National Volunteer Week Enhancement Funding is designed to supplement other sources of funding. Funding is intended to promote and celebrate National Volunteer Week and volunteerism on behalf of your entire community.

Acknowledgment requirements: As outlined in the funding guidelines, successful applicants must “acknowledge the contribution of your provincial funding partners, the Government of Alberta and Volunteer Alberta, on all promotional materials.”

Approved acknowledgment wording: Funding for National Volunteer Week is provided by the Government of Alberta and distributed by Volunteer Alberta.

Logos: To acknowledge contribution and support, please include both Volunteer Alberta and Government of Alberta logos on your promotional materials for National Volunteer Week. Click logos to download.






Government of Alberta Logo

We want to help you recognize Alberta’s amazing volunteers!

Every year, with support from the Government of Alberta, we assist communities across Alberta to celebrate National Volunteer Week through the National Volunteer Week Grant. Our focus is on helping as many communities as possible to recognize volunteers and the power of volunteerism.

The National Volunteer Week Funding is designed to supplement other sources of funding. Funding is intended to promote and celebrate National Volunteer Week and volunteerism on behalf of your entire community.

Celebrate Volunteerism in Your Community

We encourage citizens, businesses, nonprofits/charities, or volunteer engaging agencies to come together to collaborate and help celebrate the spirit of volunteerism together each April! Connect with your local Volunteer Centre or municipality to get involved.

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