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Employee benefits are an important part of employee recruitment, retention, and well-being. OASSIS is the provider of choice for employee benefits for nonprofit organizations in Canada. 


OASSISplan3Together we are strong.

As partners with OASSIS, we offer access to OASSIS Employee Benefit plans to our members. Interested in providing OASSIS Employee Benefits to your staff? Become a member of Volunteer Alberta. 

“OASSIS helps you attract and retain the best employees by delivering essential coverage. We support people, not profits.” 

When nonprofits choose other nonprofits as vendors, they support and leverage the buying power and capacity of the entire sector. Social enterprise partnerships keep dollars within our sector’s economy and within the nonprofit communities we serve.

Employee benefits add value to your staff compensation package. Employee benefits also promote health and wellness for your staff. OASSIS offers guaranteed acceptance for all employees enrolled – there are no health questionnaires for mandatory benefits!

Whether your nonprofit has 1 or 1000+ paid employees, OASSIS has a plan that is right for you. OASSIS offers comprehensive employee benefit plans. We offer packaged plans, made to measure plans, and custom plans. You have a lot of choice with OASSIS.


OASSIS: Helping those who help others 

Get an OASSIS quote for your nonprofit organization:

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