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A healthy and resilient future for our communities depends on skilled engagement and active participation.

2015-125-VA---Icons---individual-Diverse-TeamFind HR information and resources to help your organization work better with your staff, board, and volunteers.

Community resiliency requires diverse, community-minded people working together. We all have a role to play in nurturing people to participate in and contribute to their communities in positive and impactful ways.

The nonprofit sector has long been a hub for creating healthy, vibrant, and connected communities, engaging people as staff, board members, and volunteers. Our biggest opportunity to create a prosperous future in Alberta lies in our ability to work together and to engage everyone in creating community.

Explore our information and resources on nonprofit people engagement:

National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is when we can all take time to recognize volunteers and celebrate the power of volunteerism in our community. Find information and resources

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Engage post-secondary students in your nonprofit organization. Gain valuable capacity, materials, talent, and insight, all while showing our future leaders the potential of the nonprofit sector.

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Supporting Newcomers

Find resources, tools, and referrals for organizations and individuals who want to help welcome Syrian refugees to our province.

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Volunteer Screening

Effective volunteer screening practices are important. Find a safe and successful fit for your organization, clients, and volunteers.

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Highly Skilled Volunteers

From accounting, to web maintenance, to photography, to relationship building – highly skilled volunteers make all the difference in the nonprofit sector.

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Board Engagement

Nonprofit organizations are governed by boards of directors – volunteers who provide oversight and governance based on the organization’s bylaws. Find out more about engaging these important volunteers.

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Employee Benefits

Employee benefits promote health and wellness for your staff, helping them while they help others. Learn more about OASSIS benefits.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is an opportunity to connect with your community to create a positive impact.

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Nonprofit Careers

Alberta’s nonprofit sector is passionate, vibrant, and diverse, offering unique opportunities to grow, advance, and make a lasting impact. Put your skills to work for Alberta’s communities.

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