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Networking, relationships, and connecting with our colleagues are essential to effective community development.

2015-125-VA---Icons---individual-Celebrating-PeopleCommunityMuch can be accomplished by being part of a network, which is why stewardship of Alberta nonprofit networks is a key aspect of our work. We are focused on creating opportunities for Alberta nonprofits to connect, share, and become better, together.

We deeply value the people in our diverse network and continue to grow our relationships and expand our reach.

Expanding our networks, together.

We recognize that people from all sectors must come together to create positive impact in community.

We actively collaborate with Alberta’s Volunteer Centres, and other leading organizations that are working to strengthen the resiliency of the nonprofit sector. We also promote events and networking opportunities for people to connect across Alberta.

We work with our members, nonprofit organizations, government, and business to help achieve our vision.

Partners & Collaborators

Network stewardship means collaborating and partnering with organizations who support the nonprofit sector and that are serving the common good.

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Volunteer Centres

Volunteer Centres play a strategic and vital role in local communities. They are a source of leadership on local trends and issues affecting volunteerism and offer access to local training opportunities.

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We always expanding our network to create benefits that will enrich your knowledge, share relevant opportunities and help strengthen connections. 


  • Access latest trends, resources and information 
  • Learn from others’ experiences and insights through articles and newsletters 
  • Increase your capacity and capabilities by taking advantage of our programs and services  


  • Attend professional development, learning and networking events 
  • Have your ideas and opinions heard as part of a strong, connected collective voice 
  • Explore potential of relationships and collaborate with others 


  • Join our Member Network
  • Expand your organization’s reach by making new connections 
  • Become more visible, raise your organizations’ profile and reputation

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