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Warburg Volunteer Firefighters sacrifice dinner buffet to fight fire.

There are 800 people living in Warburg, and more than 250 volunteer in the community one way or another. When over 30% of the population is a volunteer, it’s even more important that they’re appreciated appropriately! So every year, the Village hosts a formal Volunteer Appreciation Dinner with entertainment, and the most appreciated volunteers—the local fire department—are invited to fill their plates at the buffet line first. Last year they abandoned their plates before the first serving when they were called out to a fire—but the community saved enough food, and they were able to enjoy their dinner when they returned.

“This little village is what it is because of our volunteers!” says Terri Syniak, FCSS/Recreation Coordinator for the Village of Warburg. “The whole community pitches in. We are able to run specialized and diverse programming because of our volunteers—they make our community function!”

Communities across the province celebrate important volunteers like Warburg’s stoic Firefighters during National Volunteer Week, April 15-21, 2018. Each year, nonprofits across Canada host community-wide events to recognize their volunteers and promote the value of volunteerism. Volunteering is as diverse as Canada itself, but one thing remains timeless—volunteerism creates positive impact in all our communities.

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