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In Lac La Biche, the whole town volunteers.

In Lac La Biche, volunteering is second nature. After fire ravaged the area around Fort McMurray in 2016, the town became a refuge for evacuees. Every single person in town stepped up to volunteer—although many wouldn’t identify as such. One resident remembers of the time his friends and neighbours were handing out food and necessities at local stores and businesses, “Nobody organized this, nobody told us what to do… we all just did it anyway.”

“That nice, warm, community feeling is what we want to keep alive every year with our National Volunteer Week celebration,” says Christine Martin, Community Outreach Worker at Lac La Biche FCSS. “We want to remind people what it’s like when we work together. We have such great volunteers and wonderful programs—it’s a reminder that it really does take a village.”

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