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carya empowers and engages young women to make a difference in our sector

One thing carya feels passionate about is engaging youth to build a better Alberta. Being committed to youth engagement initiatives not only builds capacity into our sector, but also that the next generation of nonprofit leaders is fostered. Moreover, nonprofits across Alberta like carya are thinking of innovative ways to engage youth in their community to create tomorrow’s leaders.

One way carya is encouraging youth engagement is by hosting a full day leadership conference for 12-18 year-old girls, called ‘HERstory’. Last December, HERstory provided young women the opportunity to connect with each other outside of their regular social circle, and explore their power to make a positive difference in their community.

Individual and group activities engaged the girls to learn about the importance of teamwork and listening to one another’s perspectives. But, one activity in particular addressed and broke down their barriers.

Split into groups, the girls thought of ways they could make a difference in their various communities such as cultural, online and school communities. They worked in teams to build a social structure out of scrap cardboard that represented that community, and then talked about issues that the community in question currently faces.

“It was amazing to see the ideas that the girls had come up with and the creativity and thought they had put into their structures,” says Heather Gummo, Communications Specialist at carya. “It made me feel like the future is bright.”

Another way carya is creating a space to convene and engage youth is by building a new community hub in Calgary’s East Village. This will be a space where youth, adults, families, and seniors can come together. Youth programs and services that will be available at their community hub include Bloom!BOOST, youth recreation & education and more. The East Village hub is set to open in early 2019.

“We’re excited to create a hub that brings many different and complementary services in one building,” says Heather. “It gives people an opportunity to come together in ways that promotes wellness, provides assistance, and reduces social isolation.”

Located in Calgary, carya has more than 100 years of experience and provides over 40 programs and services for all ages that creates an engaged, vibrant and healthy community. carya is a nonprofit that does it all!

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