Ways you can volunteer

Formal volunteering is unpaid support given to organizations and helps them carry out their activities, deliver frontline services and supports, and meet their missions. Examples include:

  • Mentoring a child in your community
  • A delivery driver for an organization focused on meet preparation
  • A crisis helpline volunteer for a mental health organization

Informal volunteering is the day-to-day help we provide to our family, friends, neighbours and community. This type of volunteering often occurs outside of formal nonprofit organizations. Examples include:

  • Sewing masks for frontline service providers during a pandemic
  • Paying it forward and buying someone in need a coffee or a meal
  • Helping with snow removal or lawn cutting for neighbours and vulnerable citizens.

Civic engagement, like informal and formal volunteering, is participation in activities that improve one’s community or address wider social issues. Examples include:

  • Signing a petition for a cause you’re passionate about
  • Joining a nonprofit board and participating at governance tables to improve the sector
  • Taking part in a city-wide clean-up

Remote volunteering allows you to volunteer from the comfort of your own home. While charities and nonprofits assess and identify their greatest needs from volunteers, there are easy and effective options for you to consider without needing to leave the house.

  • Have phone/video conversations with seniors, many of whom struggle with social isolation.
  • Help manage social media feeds for your favourite cause.
  • Search Volunteer Connector for remote volunteer opportunities.