Information, research, and resources strengthen the nonprofit sector.

We have gathered some key resources that shed light on the different ways the nonprofit sector, volunteerism, and civic engagement support our society. We continue to monitor social trends, explore statistical information, and gather inspiring resources that support you in your day-to-day work.

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Top Resources


Volunteer Recruitment and Hiring

What are volunteer recruitment and hiring? What is the process? Why is it important? What recruitment strategy should your organization use and how to build it?


First time volunteers: how can you get involved?

Use this tipsheet to showcase different ways to get involved for first-time volunteers. Start a conversation or use this tipsheet as part of your recruitment presentations and highlight current opportunities you have available


7 Sins of Volunteer Recruitment

Adapted from Johnathan McKee’s The New Breed, this tipsheet offers seven considerations for recruiting today’s volunteers

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Skilled Volunteers: Thinking and Acting Differently

Brainstorm ways to think and act differently. This template will help you be intentional around engaging skilled volunteers.


Profiling Volunteerism in Alberta

This paper explores what volunteerism means, and how Alberta’s volunteers serve their communities. The paper also explores the (in)tangible benefits of volunteering, discusses trends, and maps roles for the nonprofit/voluntary sector in maintaining the health of the volunteer ecosystem.


Volunteer Quiz for Youth

Use this quiz to engage first-time or youth volunteers and help align people’s passions with the opportunities available in the community


Value of Volunteering Wheel

From Volunteer Canada, use the wheel to illustrate the many benefits of volunteering and discover relevant research around the social and economic impacts of volunteerism and civic engagement


The Volunteering Lens of Covid-19

Volunteer Canada, in collaboration with Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada (VMPC), commissioned Ipsos to conduct research to understand the impact of COVID-19 on volunteer organizations and volunteers.


Volunteer Position Development

Volunteers are the lifeblood of nonprofits, but not every organization considers what each volunteer is capable of. Volunteers aren’t just an extra set of hands – they are people with skills and history!

Thoughtful development, mutually beneficial roles and positions can help volunteers feel valued and engaged, while also strengthening your volunteer screening process.

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Is a Police Information Check the Only Way – Edmonton

The Edmonton context for police information checks – disclosure guidelines, processes and more information you need to know

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