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my name is


and I am the Youth Engagement Coordinator

Around the office, Darryl is known for endlessly talking about giga-mapping and prototyping in casual conversations. Darryl has volunteered for a wide range of organizations such as the Edmonton Shiftlab, Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness, and Taste of Edmonton. His favorite nonprofits include the Fringe Festival, Skills Society, and iHuman.

Outside of work and volunteering, Darryl can usually be found walking around the river valley in deep thought, meditating, or rereading old philosophy textbooks. His favourite spot in all of Alberta is Grant Notley Park, particularly for its overlooking view of Edmonton's River Valley.

Darryl received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and English from the University of Alberta, and is currently pursuing systemic design.

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speech-bubbleContact Darryl at ddedios@volunteeralberta.ab.ca or 587.635.3584.

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