We Are Listening Alberta! – Our New Website

Just before the holidays our new website went live. We are still working with our talented web developers at Adster Creative to sort out any kinks – we welcome your suggestions and we are excited to hear your first impressions on the changes!

We heard from our members that it was challenging to find specific programs, discover new initiatives, or find answers to your questions on our old website. This new website is designed with you in mind. We want you to be able to find our programs faster, uncover new programs, services, and resources, and discover information that fit your needs.

We hope that you find our website to be intuitive, inviting, and a great tool to finding out how we can help you and other Alberta nonprofits.


We Focused on You

FUNDING-HR SCiP - Colleagues Working (1)-minWe heard from our members that the top four areas you look for support are:

  1. Network Resources
  2. Human Resources
  3. Information Resources
  4. Financial Resources

We built our website around these four critical areas to easily direct you to programs, services, resources, and information that fit your needs.


Network Resources

The number one reason organizations join our membership is to be part of a provincial nonprofit network and to access knowledge exchange and meaningful connections across the province. We work to amplify the voice of Alberta’s nonprofits through a variety of influential partnerships and collaborations. Our website has been designed to help us grow and share the benefits of the network. It’s also easy for you to stay connected on nonprofit issues through our newsletters.


Human Resources

Recruiting and engaging people as staff and volunteers is one of the ongoing efforts of nonprofit organizations. We offer programs and resources to help address these challenges. Our new website offers easier access to these programs, as well as resources for managing paid employees and volunteers, as well as learning resources for those working in nonprofits at any level.


Information Resources

While we had many pieces of information and resources, they were lost in our old website. People would get confused and frustrated trying to find what they were looking for and would leave without the resources they were looking for. So, we grouped together resources and information, with quick links right on our front page. The information you need is now quick and easy to find.


Financial Resources

Often the biggest challenge as nonprofits is ensuring we have funding to do what we do. We have gathered information to get you started. We have gathered a list of places to look for funding, as well as resources to help you get funded.


Our new website design is just one of the ways we have changed to better serve Alberta communities and support the nonprofit sector. Learn more about Volunteer Alberta, our vision, and values on our brand new About Us pages, and let us know what you think about our website and how we are doing – we are listening!