Guest Blog: Happy (Healthy) Holidays!


The Holidays are upon us and as our calendars fill with social gatherings it may seem impossible to maintain a normal schedule. Our partners at OASSIS have provided some helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the festive season. 

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up and lose track of the things you normally have control of, like healthy eating habits, regular exercise and a standard schedule. Contrary to popular belief, holiday weight gain is actually less of a threat than we perceive, with the average person gaining just one additional pound. And it’s the parties we go to and the people we are around that contribute to over-eating. It’s natural to lose track of what we are consuming when socializing, and it’s the distractions that make us eat more than we should. Mindful eating is the key to maintaining balance during the busy season. Whether you are hosting or attending a holiday party, try these tips to have a healthy and happy holiday!

Be the Host to Toast

Be the Best Guest

Plan healthy, yet tempting, substitutes for holiday favourites Indulge in moderation, avoid guilty pleasures you can have any time of year
Chew gum while cooking to prevent snacking Plan your holidays to include healthy meals and exercise
Stock the bar with tall, highball glasses vs. short, wide tumblers Have a healthy snack before going to a party
Downsize serving bowls and keep them off the table Let your eyes feast first
Create a food-free space for mingling Move away from the buffet
Stock 50% of the buffet with fruits and veggies Hold your drink in your dominant hand
Soften lights and music – research reveals relaxed environments decrease consumption by 18% Notify the host of any allergies/sensitivities in advance and offer to bring your own food
Offer low-calorie foods first so guests will eat less fatty foods later Bring the host a gift other than food (ex. plant, homemade gift, serving dish, vase)
Pre-portion served food and skip second servings Stay standing and mingle
Encourage guests to get moving after dinner with dancing, skating or a walk around the neighbourhood Engage in conversation during dinner to help you eat slower and consume less
Freeze leftover cookies Don’t drink your calories
Send leftovers home with guests Offer to be the designated driver

Give guilt a vacation!



Jennifer Truman, OASSIS Employee Benefit Plans