Guest Blog: Does our employee benefit plan cover that?

OASSIS logo 2014A critical element in the formula for a meaningful employee benefit plan is its value, as experienced by the organization’s employees.

For most people, delving into the coverage details of any insurance policy booklet is an activity best left for a night with insomnia or until the time of a claim. Generally, the details of insurance coverage are only of interest when there is an immediate need to use it.\

Timely communications can really help employees get the most from their benefit plan and can drive the value of this employer sponsored benefit way up.

A majority of nonprofits simply don’t have a dedicated plan administrator or human resources person to provide ongoing plan education to members; so it’s easy to miss great features.

Plan members are often surprised and pleased to hear about some of the lesser-known coverages typically included in employer-sponsored group benefit plans like:

• Pre-trip travel assistance – information about required vaccinations, VISA/document requirements for entry, travel advisories, etc.

• Travel Medical Insurance – this coverage can save employees $100’s of dollars per trip on the cost of out of country travel medical insurance.

• EAP legal and financial consulting services – with items including a completely legal, self-serve, fill-in-the-blanks Canadian will kit.

• Home nursing services

• Mobility aid cost reimbursement – for amounts over the government Assistive Devices Program

A benefit plan partner can help members get the most out of their benefit plans; OASSIS provides monthly Employee & Employer Benefit Connector Newsletters chock full of great-to-know plan information.


Jennifer Truman, OASSIS Employee Benefit Plans