Mittens are Like Shoes for my Hands

Courtesy of Crazy Aunt Purl

Courtesy of Crazy Aunt Purl


Mittens are warm,
Mittens are grand,
Mittens are like shoes for my hand.


As I travel around Southern Alberta sharing with communities what Volunteer Alberta has to offer, the question I am asked the most often is “what is risk management?”

What a great question! When I was first introduced to risk management, I thought it was a term created by insurance companies to sell insurance. These days it seems like we can buy insurance for everything and everyone is selling it!  My life insurance sales person tells me I don’t have enough, but when does a person have enough insurance? At what point are you throwing your money away?

Risk management is “hoping for the best, planning for the worst”; a lesson that we’re all taught in some form or another as children.  As we grow our planning becomes more complicated. Unfortunately, developing a risk management strategy is not as simple bringing an extra pair of mittens to school so our hands stay warm.

Risk management goes far beyond insurance. Insurance is just one strategy.  In the risk management session, Protect Your Assets, we give you ways to evaluate your level of risk and provide solutions to manage your risk. Do you need different policies? Do you need a different way of executing the program?  Risk management is not just a concern for upper management. It is something that everyone at every level of your organizations needs to be aware of- this includes volunteers, board, and all staff.  Many times the frontline workers that have a different view on risk and can offer solutions to reduce risk.

So, keep checking the Volunteer Alberta website or the latest issue of Sector Connector to see when a session is available in your area.  If one is not available, let me know we can start planning!


Amanda Liepert, Knowledge Exchange Coordinator