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Evaluation – An Integrated Framework for Understanding, Guiding, and Improving Public and Nonprofit Policies and Programs

By: Melvin Mark, Gary Henry and George Julnes

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The Ask: How to Ask Anyone for Any Amount for Any Purpose

By: Sakshi Sharma

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Looking for RCVO? You’ve Found it – We’ve Rebranded!


Welcome to Volunteer Alberta’s Resource Centre!

As a leader in providing knowledge to the nonprofit/voluntary sector, Volunteer Alberta is always learning from our stakeholders – you! That’s why we’ve upgraded Volunteer Alberta’s Resource Centre website. You will find:

while keeping the Learning Resource Guides and Bookstore available and easily accessible.

Creating change in an organization or community does not happen in a vacuum. It comes from learning about best practices, success and failures, and the latest research on a topic, then applying that information to a situation. That’s why Volunteer Alberta’s Resource Centre links to the KnowledgeConnector initiative. Take the A.S.K. Leadership Assessment, then immediately find books and resources – and learning opportunities – that will help you fill your knowledge gap.

Play to Win: The Nonprofit Guide to Competitive Strategy

By David La Piana, Michael Hayes

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Sector Connector

Sector Connector is Volunteer Alberta’s bi-weekly eNewsletter. Since its first publication on April 19, 2007…

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