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Nonprofit organizations are governed by boards of directors – volunteers who provide oversight and governance based on the nonprofit’s bylaws.

These important members of your organization can come from a variety of backgrounds with one common interest – the mission of your organization. They provide leadership, fiscal oversight, governance, and strategic planning.

Nonprofit organizations have many board engagement and development resources available to them. We collect relevant tools and resources to grow and support Alberta nonprofit boards.


Join a Board

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Interested in joining a nonprofit board?

  • Connect with a nonprofit directly to see how to get involved – organizations have different board recruitment schedules and requirements.
  • Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page
  • Check our Nonprofit Careers page – Nonprofit job boards often list board positions.

Not sure if you are ready to take the leap? Read Charity Village’s Are You Ready to be a Board Volunteer?


Board Learning Opportunities

Board Development Program

Alberta Culture’s Board Development Program (BDP) focuses on improving governance of nonprofit organizations through:

  • Curriculum based training for individuals and groups on topics like Board Roles and Responsibilities, Policy Development, and Effective use of Committees.
  • Volunteer instructor opportunities.
  • Consultation and presentation services.

Board Leadership

Board Leadership offers Board development and learning opportunities across Alberta. Check with your local Board Leadership program for upcoming opportunities:

Board Information and Resources

Board Development Program (2)Board Development Program

BDP also offers online information and resources on a variety of board-related issues:


Highly Skilled Volunteering

Find more information and resources on highly skilled volunteers, including board members, on our Highly Skilled Volunteering page.

Volunteer Canada – Board MembersVolunteer Canada Logo

Volunteer Canada shares info on board functions and responsibilities, as well as links to additional resources.


Imagine Canada – Board GovernanceImagine Canada Logo

Imagine Canada offers resources on board roles and requirements, policies and planning, and board recruitment.


National Council of NonprofitsNational Council of Nonprofits – Board Roles and Responsibilities

The National Council of Nonprofits summarizes the basics of nonprofit boards and shares a rich list of resources on board topics.


Further reading

National Council of Nonprofits – Compare Traditional and Strategic Board AgendasNational Council of Nonprofits

The National Council of Nonprofits demonstrates how changing your board agenda style can create more space for your board to be future-focused.

PwC Canada – “Generative thinking” vital to the success of your not-for-profit organization

PwC Canada explains why generative thinking is important for nonprofit boards and how to move your board into a generative mindset.

BoardSource – Are nonprofit boards really necessary?BoardSource

BoardSource shares what boards offer and why they are key to the nonprofit sector’s success.



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