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Leader as Coach: For Nonprofits

Explore who you are as a leader, develop your coach-approach to drive performance, and discover the exponential capacity inclusive leadership creates. This course is ideal for nonprofit directors and managers.


This program is for you if you…

    • care passionately about what you do and want to make a difference – for your community and your team.
    • feel constantly pressured by lack of time, resources and energy to do what needs to get done.
    • are faced with staff or teams that care about the cause, but need to develop critical skills.
    • want to inspire your team with your vision, yet feel depleted by the overwhelming demands in a challenging non-profit climate.
    • desire to lead your organization in a way that creates huge impact and affects positive change.

Register for the upcoming cohort offered May 2019 in Edmonton!

Find out more information & register for this program.

This program qualifies for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, which can cover approximately 60% of your course fees. If you are interested in registering for the program with the CAJG, the application process is straightforward. It can take anywhere from a month to 6 weeks to process, be sure to submit your grant application as soon as possible.

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