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my name is


and I am the Networks & Engagement Assistant

At Volunteer Alberta, Nicole is known for being sensitive to the sight of disposable plastic containers and cutlery, and for suggesting we keep composting worms in the kitchen cupboard! Some of Nicole’s favourite Alberta nonprofits include Food4Good, River Valley Free School, The Local Good, Edmonton & Area Land Trust.

When Nicole is not at work, she can be found tending to her urban farm plots and learning about sustainable and regenerative food systems. She spends her weekends camping, kayaking and exploring Alberta. She has a love for Sci-Fi movies, and enjoys a yearly dose of the 1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series.

Nicole has a PhD in Cosmochemistry from the University of Manchester, which brought her to Edmonton to study comets at the University of Alberta. Her career has changed course, and she is going back to school for a Masters in Community Engagement at the U of A.

Contact Nicole for questions about:

  • general information and inquiries
  • nonprofit resources and tools
  • AJAH Fundtracker access 
  • our book store

speech-bubbleContact Nicole at nspring@volunteeralberta.ab.ca or 780-482-3300 x239. 

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