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my name is


and I am the Communications Manager (Maternity Leave)

At Volunteer Alberta, Jessie is known for telling great stories. She is new to Edmonton and before moving here, she spent time in Jasper, Toronto Island, Quadra Island, Arizona, Montreal, and all over Europe and Scandinavia. She’s proud of all the random and amazing tiny places she’s called home including sheds, trailers, boats, tents, and cars!

When she’s not at work, Jessie can be found plotting road trips, talking to her nasturtiums, and discovering Edmonton’s green spaces. Her favourite place to be in Alberta is drinking campfire coffee on the ridge overlooking Dinosaur Park.

In her work, and in life, Jessie always prefers to investigate possibility rather than focus on ‘why something can’t be done.’ She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Concordia University in Montreal and has worked for many years in graphic design, communications, and marketing at nonprofits and post-secondary institutions.

Contact Jessie for questions about:

  • membership features and benefits
  • recognition of Volunteer Alberta
  • media inquiries and requests
  • promotional partnerships

speech-bubbleContact Jessie at jstones@volunteeralberta.ab.ca or 780-482-3300 x238.

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