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my name is

Katherine Topolniski

and I am the Creative Director

Katherine shows up every day to Volunteer Alberta exuding abundant enthusiasm and unabashed honesty – you’ve been warned! She really loves the work of the local experts at the Community Learning Network (CLN) who are nurturing lifelong learning across Alberta. As a serial volunteer, Katherine knows volunteering is powerful and transformative and she won’t stop. Ever.

When she’s not working, Katherine can often be found hiking or camping in the Alberta backcountry or hanging out barefoot. Her favourite place in Alberta is Lake Agnes Tea House in Lake Louise.

Katherine is a creative professional, photographer, and communicator. She became connected with Volunteer Alberta in 2010 through her role as Executive Director of Volunteer Banff. She continues to be an active member of Alberta’s Volunteer Centre network and hold leadership roles in the nonprofit sector.

speech-bubbleContact Katherine at or 780-482-3300 x235. Find out more about which tables she sits at on our Partners and Collaborators page.

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